We offer you the most comprehensive range of lubricants in the food industries, no matter the application field. Our products are NSF registered, and our supplier’s production sites are certified as per ISO 21469.

  • Protection against wear and friction, extreme pressure, and high-load carrying properties
  • Heat dissipation
  • Contribution to power transfer
  • Resistance to a broad range of contaminants
  • Exceptional performance in extreme temperatures

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Name of the product Category Brand Format
BIOGREASE HD NLGI 2 (62-2206) Other Greases
BioBlend 50 X .398 kg
1 X 15.9 kg
10 X .397 kg
MULTI-PURPOSE OIL (62-0001) Recreation Vehicles
Chain Oils
Other products
BioBlend 12 X .325 L
1 X 18.9 L
1 X 208.2 L