Operating a manufacturing facility is a stressful job: there is no time to waste, and so much to accomplish. Don’t worry, you can rely on us to help you take your projects to the finish line.

  • Life extension of your equipment
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Premium line of high-performance metalworking fluids
  • ISOCLEAN Certified Lubricants that could help you double or triple your equipment components’ life.
  • Best In Class Assessment to optimize your business by establishing a proactive approach to lubrication maintenance of your equipment.
  • Access to products consistent with the specifications of the equipment supplier

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Name of the product Category Brand Format
BIOFLO AWS 46 E (62-0346) Hydraulic Oils
BioBlend BULK
1 X 18.9 L
1 X 208.2 L
HYDR. (BIO) ECOTERRA AW 46 (C) (66-1658) Hydraulic Oils
Phillips 66 208.2 L
1 X 208.2 L
Hydraulic ECOTERRA HVI 46 (66-3983) Hydraulic Oils
Phillips 66 1 X 18.9 L
1 X 208.2 L