Our experts are available to visit your facilities in order to analyze your lubricant needs, processes and practices and to provide a lubrication program tailored to your specific requirements.

Our team of professionals works with you and our Suppliers

  • To understand your current and future needs
  • To establish lubrication programs that meet your needs

We document results from our analysis with a view to give you a better understanding of the issues. And then, we support you to implement the plan that was established. Whatever your field of activity is, we have access to trained specialists to analyze your operations and to suggest attractive solutions enhancing your business.

We benefit from continuous training

The constant evolution of equipment and manufacturing processes as well as the new environmental standards all require that our team of professionals be well trained. Our specialists meet the challenge through continuous training. Our goal is to make you benefit from all possible advantages that improve your operations and profits.

Do not hesitate to contact one of our experts to discuss your specific needs, we can be reached:

By phone
  • 604-946-4226 (Vancouver area)
  • 1-855-946-4226 (outside Vancouver)
By email