Catalys Lubricants

Catalys Lubricants is a wholly owned subsidiary of Crevier Group. It was created in 2013 when Crevier Group acquired Chevron’s lubricant distribution activities in Southern British Columbia.

Catalys Lubricants offers a broad range of products from its strategic partners, including hydraulic fluids, conventional lubricants for gas and diesel engines, biodegradable lubricants and high performance synthetic lubricants.

By establishing partnerships with forefront lubricants producers such as Chevron® and BioBlend®, the company can offer a diversified and complete line of lubricants and ancillary products to meet the needs of its customers.

Catalys Lubricants is qualified as Chevron® 1st Source ELITE Marketer, Chevron’s highest partnership level.


The company has access to a team of specialists dedicated to helping lubricants users choose products that ideally meet their specific lubrication needs. This team provides solutions to complex lubrication problems, can help to optimize lubrication programs and provide informed assistance regarding the use of new environmentally friendly lubricants.

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