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Catalys Super Diesel 40



Catalys Super Diesel SAE 30 and 40 oils are recommended for two-stroke and four-stroke older diesel engines requiring monograde SAE 30 and 40 oils calling for API CF/CF-2 (obsolete) classification. Catalys Super Diesel SAE 10W is recommended for mobile equipment hydraulic systems where a SAE 10W grade engine oil is specified.


Super Diesel SAE 30 and 40 oils are designed for diesel engines operating in severe conditions; carefully selected additives and oil formulation provide the following properties:
• Protects against oxidation and thickening caused by high operating temperature.
• Very good combustion soot dispersion capability.
• Improved protection against premature wear of parts.
• Minimizes varnish and sludge formation.
• Controls carbon deposit on piston segments.
• Excellent TBN retention.
Super Diesel SAE 10W grade is recommended for Caterpillar hydraulic system where a CAT TO-2 fluid is specified.


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Available in regions

  • Quebec / Atlantic
  • Ontario

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