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Optimum Syngear 75W90 is a heavy duty full synthetic multigrade gear oil that provides efficient lubrication for axles and gears under severe operating conditions. Optimum Syngear 75W90 is used in gearboxes that require extreme pressure additives such as speed reducer, differential for truck & automobile, in construction, mining and agricultural equipment. It can also be used for industrial functions in speed reducers where their multigrade characteristics are required.


Optimum Syngear 75W90 reduces friction and extends life of gears and bearings. It has very low start up temperature while providing exceptional thermal stability at operating temperature. Optimum Syngear 75W90 is very shear stable and provides excellent lubrication under severe operating conditions. It is compatible with seals typically used in the automotive industry and protects against rust and corrosion including parts containing copper and its alloys.


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Available in regions

  • Quebec / Atlantic
  • Ontario
  • British Columbia
  • Alberta

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