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Catalys ATF MD-3


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Automotive Reseller


Catalys ATF MD-3 is specially designed for automatic transmissions and applications that require a lubricant that meets outdated DEXRON III-H, ALLISON C-4 and MERCON specifications.


Catalys ATF MD-3 oil is recommended by GENERAL MOTORS and FORD. It is also recommended by import car manufacturers when the following standards are required: DEXRON II, DEXRON III, MERCON M2C 138-CJ and MERCON M2C 166-H.
Catalys ATF MD-3 can also be used in hydraulic systems where this type of fluid is accepted; its fluidity at low temperatures allows it to maintain its efficiency and promote equipment cold starts.
Composed of base oil and additives specific to this type of fluid, Catalys ATF MD-3 automatic transmission oil:
• is an excellent multigrade lubricant.
• resists oxidation and degradation while being compatible with commonly used elastomers.
• provides smooth gear changes with the addition of friction modifiers and prevents foaming.
• protects the transmission against wear and failure thanks to extreme pressure additives carefully selected


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