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Catalys Asphalt-D1 Concentrate


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Catalys Asphalt-D1 is an asphalt release agent designed to lubricate dump truck box, paver and other equipment used for asphalt preparation and application. Catalys Asphalt-D1 does not contain solvents. Once dried, the product leaves a protective film that prevents asphalt from sticking to the surface. Catalys Asphalt D-1 is safe for workers since it is not WHIMS classified as dangerous and has low toxicity.


Catalys Asphalt-D1 must be diluted with water in a 1 :2 ratio before using on equipment. It is recommended to apply product in thin uniform layers with spray apparatus. Drying time varies with film thickness applied. Always add Catalys Asphalt D-1 in water at temperature greater than 10°C (50°F) during dilution.


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  • Quebec / Atlantic

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