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Catalys Premium Plus Synblend 10W-30 CK-4



PREMIUM PLUS Synblend 10W30 CK-4 is a synthetic blend product formulated to meet or exceed the latest API diesel engine oil specifications as well as the warranty and performance requirements of most diesel engine manufacturers. While specifically designed for use in model year 2017 and newer heavy-duty diesel engines in high output service, PREMIUM PLUS Synblend 10W-30 CK-4 is fully backwards compatible to engines requiring any API C service class and provides robust protection, increased oxidation stability and superior shear stability over any previous API category to date.


PREMIUM PLUS Synblend 10W30 CK-4 can be used with complete success in extreme applications involving any vehicle or diesel engine where an API CK-4 or earlier C class oil is specified and a fuel economy savings over a 15W-40 viscosity is desired. Field studies have shown a 1% or more fuel savings by switching from a 15W-40 to a 10W-30 engine oil.


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  • Quebec / Atlantic
  • Ontario

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