Chevron - Reliability-based Lubrication

Chevron Lubricants provides advanced products for Industrial, Commercial and Consumer applications. Around the world, Chevron brands are recognized for a legacy of technological innovation, performance and reliability.

Today, Chevron Lubricants combines lubrication knowledge with reliable products and services to optimize equipment performance and lower your Total Cost of Operation.

1st source elite marketer

Chevron 1st Source Elite - Chevron Lubrication Marketer

Catalys Lubricants is proud to be part of Chevron’s 1st Source Marketer network. As a 1st Source ELITE Marketer, we are part of the top-tier of Chevron marketers across the world. With Chevron’s support, we can offer you a combination of expertise and quality that is truly second to none.

Reliability-based Lubrication

Chevron - Reliability-based Lubrication

As a leading supplier of lubricants worldwide, Chevron Lubricants continually works to advance the state of lubrication technology, enabling its network of lubrication specialists to deliver the leading-edge products and customized services you need, when you need them.

Delo - Havoline

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Learn more about Chevron’s lubrication products and customized services by communicating with one of our representatives or by visiting one of Chevron’s websites:

Bioblend products

BioBlend - High Performance BioBased Lubricants

In order to make it possible for its clients to meet the eco-responsibility standards that are now mandatory in a growing number of environments, Catalys Lubricants has entered into an agreement with the makers of BioBlend in order to offer their range of high quality eco-friendly products.

Bioblend products bring an efficient and affordable solution to the ecological problems facing many industries, including drilling, construction, mining, agriculture and marine machinery. The broad range of available BioBlend products includes biodegradable lubricants, food grade lubricants and synthetic lubricants.

Blue Leaf products

Blue Leaf products

Catalys Lubricants offers BlueLeaf Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) for diesel engines using the Selective Catalytic Reduction technology (SCR).

BlueLeaf DEF is designed to meet the needs of trucks equipped with SCR diesel engines. Made up of 32.5% high purity urea and 67.5% deionized water, BlueLeaf DEF meets the specifications of ISO 22241, is API certified and essential to keeping vehicles running.

BlueLeaf DEF is distributed in Canada and the United States by Mansfield Oil’s DeliveryONE Network, a leader of DEF distribution in North America. BlueLeaf DEF is very reliable and readily available through a controlled supply chain of distribution guaranteeing pure DEF at each delivery. This unbroken chain protects the integrity of BlueLeaf DEF and secure customer supply.

Learn more about Blue Leaf’s Diesel Exhaust Fluid by visiting Blue Leaf website

The BioBlend biodegradable products are designed to offer superior lubrication in a broad range of operating conditions.

Our combination of vegetal-based and synthetic oils coupled with advanced additives technology has led to the creation of products that offer high thermal stability as well as a superior wear and corrosion resistance. BioBlend products are easily biodegraded, they combine performance and respect of the strictest requirements in terms of environmental responsibility, including OECD 301 B standard.


The following documents describe in more detail the BioBlend line of products:

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Learn more about Chevron’s lubrication products and customized services by communicating with one of our representatives or by visiting one of Chevron’s websites: