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Hydraulic AVIATION Fluid 5606H


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Phillips 66® X/C 5606H Aviation Hydraulic Fluid is a mineral oil-based, high viscosity index, ashless (zinc-free) antiwear hydraulic fluid designed to meet the severe demands of aerospace and industrial applications. It has excellent oxidation resistance and outstanding low-temperature properties for use over a wide temperature range.


X/C Aviation Hydraulic Fluids are recommended for use in non-pressurized systems operating between -54°C and 90°C (-65°F to 194°F), and in pressurized systems operating between -54°C and 135°C (-65°F to 275°F) at pressures up to 3,000 psi. Note: Do not use these fluids in hydraulic systems with natural rubber elastomers. Typical applications include: aircraft and missile control systems, autopilots and shock absorbers; auto wreckers, boom trucks and electrical service equipment (cherry pickers) where all-weather performance is required; industrial robotics; hydraulic systems that require a “super-clean” fluid for extended service life and reliability (X/C 5606H).


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