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Catalys Multi Pro SilverMax 3% Moly EP2



Catalys Multi Pro SilverMax™ 3% Moly EP 2 is a premium, lithium complex, multi-purpose, extreme pressure (EP) moly grease formulated for heavy-duty applications. Manufactured from high quality base oil and additives, Catalys Multi Pro SilverMax™ grease protects equipment and parts against wear, rust, and corrosion. This grease provides excellent adherence to metal surfaces and resistance to water washout. It is a high-performance grease enhanced with a fine dispersion of molybdenum disulfide providing


Catalys Multi Pro SilverMax™ 3% Moly EP 2 is harsh-environment grease suitable for bucket and pivot pins, spline shafts, sliding surfaces, high temperature applications and heavy shock loading conditions. It is also recommended for heavy-duty industrial service such as rolling mills, transfer tables, mining equipment, paper mills, crushers, or shredders.

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