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Gadus S5 V150XKD 1



Fully synthetic low temperature multi purpose lithium/calcium grease with 5% MoS2


Shell Gadus S5 V150XKD 1 is primarily intended for heavy-duty, moderate to high-speed components such as anti-friction barings. It is designed for use in stationary or mobile equipement, with or without central lubrication systems, in induatrial and mining applications. Formulated with fully-synthetic base fluid to retain mobility at colder temperatures (down to -40°C) in central lubrication systems.


  • 1 X 1200 KG
  • 1 X 170 KG
  • 1 X 50 KG
  • 1 X 18 KG
  • BULK
  • 1 X 50 KG
  • BULK

Available in regions

  • British Columbia
  • Prairies
  • Ontario

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