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Capella® P 68 provides effective wear protection for reciprocating, vane, and screw compressors in ammonia refrigeration systems. Capella P 68 provides advantages over naphthenic refrigeration oils in the critical performance areas of lubrication, thermal stability, and reduction of oil carryover.


Although designed for use in ammonia refrigeration systems, Capella P 68 is also recommended for use in systems using refrigerant R-22 and R-502 - provided the evaporator temperature is above -32°C (-25°F). It is not recommended for systems using refrigerant R-12 or R-134a. Capella P 68 is compatible with the seal elastomers commonly used in refrigeration compressors (e.g., Buna-N, chloroprene).

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  • Quebec/East
  • British Columbia

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